My Make Up Storage

Ohhh man, it's been a while.

I don't really know what happened, other than I went home for three weeks and there is never very much blogging inspiration there. Now I'm back in Glasgow ready to start fourth year (le cry) and will hopefully be getting back into blogging a wee bit more.

A while back I changed my room around a bit and moved my desk into the living room to keep uni work out of my bedroom and introduced a new desk as my dressing table where the old one had been.

 photo 20140918_161540_zpsmsz2vmcn.jpg

The desk is the Borgsjo desk from IKEA for only £40. The chair is also from IKEA and was £60 although I can't find the link online. I found it in the kitchen chair and table section of the store, rather than the desk chair section.

 photo 20140918_161614_zpsaf9rzvw1.jpg

Because the desk doesn't have drawers, it does mean that the top gets a little crowded, so having the right place for everything is really important to me. 

The jar my brushes are in is from TK Maxx (has some clich├ęd French writing on the other side, but silly me forgot to turn it around). It's the perfect size for my brushes at the minute, although it would be better to have them split into sections.  

The small wooden box was from an independent shop in Bath that I can't remember the name of. It was only £3.50 and light enough to take back in my luggage but I didn't really know what I was going to do with it. At the minute it's holding my eyelash curlers, tweezers and nail scissors. 

 photo 20140918_161730_zpsppzc4fcv.jpg

This useful little acrylic storage holder (similar to the Muji storage) I also found in TK Maxx for £6 which I thought was an absolute bargain. I was beginning to give up hope until I had a look in the bathroom section rather than the box/storage section and they had quite a few available, including one just for lipsticks. I liked this one because it has a long space at the back wide enough for foundation bottles. At the minute I'm using this for my 'everyday' make-up which I'll rotate depending on what I'm using. Just means I don't need to be digging around in drawers every morning! 

Two of my newest purchases are in here - the first is the Revlon Colourstay Moisture Stain in 025 Cannes Crush. I love this because it's so pigmented but isn't sticky at all like most glosses. It stays put for a fair while and just feels like a dream. Second is the long awaited Maybelline Colour Elixir in 710 Rose Redefined. This is another lovely non-sticky gloss in a beautiful nude pink colour. Perfect for everyday!

 photo 20140918_161751_zpsyrgrke1o.jpg

The far right of my desk usually changes between candles and flowers. Today I decided to pick up some flowers (duh, as you can see) and put them in my vase that I got from my brother for my 21st from John Lewis. Next to it is a picture of me and my three old flatmates on my 21st birthday, my two current perfumes (Marc Jacobs Daisy and Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet) as well as a miniature of Miss Dior Eau De Parfum. My cotton buds are in an old body scrub jar with a super useful hinged lid thing...

 photo 20140918_161809_zpsxbiv2z2i.jpg

 photo 20140918_161848_zpsgho9y1oj.jpg

Next is my nail varnish storage. This little chest of boxes was from Next sometime last year - so I don't think it's still available, but they often have similar things, and TK Maxx definitely have other options. I bought it not realising how small it actually was (drawers are the height of those nail varnishes) so struggled to work out what I was going to put in it. It's not ideal, but it keeps them out of the way and it's easy to see the colours when they're standing upside down (I'm not sure if this is bad for them - if anyone knows, tell me!) 

Of course - as the organisationally (I've been awake since 7am and it's now 10pm - is this a word?) obsessed person I am - of course I had to colour code them as you can see (sort of not really) in the photo above. This doesn't have a home yet, but sits on my window sill above my desk. 

 photo 20140918_162017_zpsdbwshedn.jpg

Underneath my desk is these units, designed I guess for a computer unit so aren't the most practical of sizes. The two wooden crates were from TK Maxx at £9.99 each and the small wicker basket at the bottom was one my Mum was throwing out. 

 photo 20140918_162045_zpsptjg9slk.jpg

The crates are split into four which saved me from having to add additional storage boxes within whatever I chose. This is where I keep the majority of my make up that I know I might want close at hand - foundations bottom left, primers and concealers bottom right, powders, bronzers, blushers and highlighters top left and all my eye products top right. Easy, organised and sturdy. 

 photo 20140918_162059_zpsd32nqmbg.jpg

The second crate is for all my hair bottles, brushes and sprays. My kirbies (/bobby pins, whatever you want to call them) have their own section of their own because there's always so goddamn many of them. Next to them is all my hair ties, kink free ones and clips (Accessorize have a tonne of cute ones atm). Then in the back are my serums, heat protector sprays and frizz controls etc and hair brushes. 

Below that in the photo I didn't take a close up of because it's pretty boring - but I keep my Victoria Secret body mists and hairsprays down there.

 photo 20140918_162153_zpsvoevoufg.jpg

Finally is my overspill drawer. This used to be more full, but most of my make up is now in the crate at my desk. The rectangular pink, yellow and clear boxes are another IKEA purchase - one which I think beauty bloggers are missing out on, as I've never seen them mentioned anywhere. I found them in the kids section one time and bought a set of 3, then every time I've returned I bought more. I now have all of these, three sets in my bathroom cupboards, two sets in my study desk and another waiting for some super useful purpose - there will be one. For only £1.50 for 3 they are literally a God send for make-up storage. Beauty bloggers take note - you saw it here first! 

I realise this was probably a bit of a boring post, but since cute-ifying my desk I couldn't resist jumping on the band wagon and sharing it with you all. 

Reasons why Primary School was Awesome

1. When lunch times consisted of Bernard Matthews Turkey Twizzlers (before they got banned) and this dessert

2. Sponsored walk day - the worst day, because you had to walk six miles, but the best day because it meant you went to ASDA with your Mum and picked out supplies of mini bottles of fizzy juice, crisps, sweets and chocolate to "keep you going".

3. Getting skint knees. This has never happened to me since - it's definitely a primary school thing.

4. Having a boyfriend who you'd never spoken to, and never would.

5. Clapping rhymes...and skipping rhymes:

"Myyyyy, father went to sea, sea, sea to see what he could see, see, see aaaaaand all that he could see, see, see was the bottom of the deep blue sea, sea, sea!" 

"Kristen and Ja-ames up a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the golden carriage! Not too big, not too small, just the size of a rugby ball!"

6. Being promised status of girlfriend by hottest boy in the year if you could catch them in a game of tag...then catching them...and being denied said status...just me? OK then...

7. Heads down thumbs up. 'Nuff said.

8. Getting fitted for new school shoes with this:

9. Smelly gel pens...

...marble pens...

...and Spider pens!

10. Completing Crystal Rainforest on the computer before anyone else did

11. Stiles learning tiles...

12. Biff, Chip and Kipper...Floppy the dog...and Wilf and Wilma...

13. A wet paper towel being the go-to solution for any injury 

14. "Do you wear an over-shoulder-boulder-holder?"..."A what?" HAHAHA YOU WEAR A BRA.....

15. Cereal toys...and £5 note competitions in Fruit Winders 

16. Duck, duck, goose. And other variations such as: Plane, plane, helicopter; Cow, cow, horse and Smelly, smelly, STINKY!!!

17. Getting a bench to sit on for assembly when you reached P7. 

18. Thinking you were so old and grown up when you had to sit on a P1's tiny chair: "Ohhh aren't we big! Wasn't that such a long time ago?! Hasn't time flown!!" 

19. Trying to have the most dramatic death in wink murderer

20. Spending your lunch break choreographing your entrance routine to Stars in Your Eyes...and later, Pop Idol

21. Buying your sports plimsoles from Woolies...and that one kid who had white ones. 

22. Scouby Strings

23. Losing a house point sticker for being naughty resulted in the whole class erupting in a chorus of "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

24. Asking to go to the toilet...or for us, being made by our German teacher to learn, and ask in German. Probably the only German phrase I know off by heart, and will never, ever need to know..."Darf ich zur Toiletten gehen, bitte?!"

25. Singing the rude version of Twinkle Twinkle in the Christmas concert and thinking you were the shit...and the Batman and Robin version of Jingle Bells. 

26. Spending hours choosing your word art style on Word for you project 

27. Horror stories of kids cracking their heads open when they swung on their seats...

28. The one kid who forgot it was non-uniform day 

29. Seeing a teacher outside of school ("It's like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs"...sorry, had to.)

30. Before everyone realised how much salt was really in a Lunchables stackem' box


32. Sharpening your pencil until it was a stub, and still insisting on using it 

33. Nelson spelling books... 

...and feeling like a genius when you completed one and moved to the next!

Do you remember any of the same things?

Mid Monthly Favourites

See what I did there?

Yes, I am aware we are half way through the month. What of it?

I thought I'd take this opportunity to share a couple of the things I've been loving in the last month (as well as some non-beauty favourites - ohhh!). Without further ado...

Favourite beauty products

This was actually a discovery in the last 48 hours when I was so bored I decided to clear out my make up drawers. I stumbled across this Kate by Kate Moss for Rimmel BRIGHT SCARLET (yep) lipstick (shade 22 FYI). Seeing as I had no reason to be out in public or seeing anyone that night I decided to try it on before binning it and after realising how bloody difficult red lipstick is to apply, I decided I actually quite liked it. I think.

What do you think? Does it work? Excuse the Instagram crappy quality...

This was also a fairly recent discovery that nearly went in the bin, after receiving in a competition goody back from Cosmopolitan a few years back. The Clarins Ever Matte Skin Balancing Foundation with SPF 15 is a lovely creamy foundation that blends like a dream and smells wonderfully fresh. The finish is similar to Double Wear but looks much more natural and feels like air on the skin rather than a bit cakey. I have the shade 103 Ivory, which I think is veeeery slightly too light for me, but with a bit of bronzer it's no issue.

My last beauty favourite of this month is the Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer. Thanks to Boots 3 for 2 I picked this up along with Archery brow pen and the Peach Party blusher. I am in love with this product for so many reasons:

  • Its fantastic handbag size
  • It has a mirror inside that tiny box of joy 
  • It has two thick, creamy concealers, one for dark undereye disasters and another for blemishes (this baby erases anything)
  • The pressed powder and tiny sponge applicator
It is literally a handbag essential that I go nowhere without, cutting down my make-up-in-bag situation 90%. In love.

Favourite book 

Reading is something I've neglected in the last year just because of life getting in the way, and I really miss it. This is a book I picked up last Summer in Edinburgh, tried to read and couldn't get into it, but have always thought it looked interesting. 

Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace is a wittily written story about a heartbroken (tragically embarrassing at some points) guy who due to circumstance ends up with a strangers 35mm single use camera. The book follows his slightly stalkerish behaviour in tracking her down...I'm only half way through, so I'm not sure how it ends - nor would I tell you if I did. I probably haven't sold it very well, but it's a great easy read, hilarious and honest. 

Favourite Song

I'm in love with Runrig's Rhythm of my Heart right now, after Amy Macdonald covered it for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony. Captured the atmosphere perfectly! 

What have you been loving this month?

Racinne Skincare: Review

A few weeks back I received a parcel full of beautifully packaged skincare from new Korean brand, Racinne. They actually sent me them to review for the company I intern for (which you should definitely check out here) but I thought there was no harm in double posting my thoughts on all of the samples they sent! 
Racinne combines the regenerative power of plants with the latest developments in biotechnology to create products that are innovative and dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty. With ingredients such as Snow Lotus Stem Cells and Flower Waters, the products aim to increase suppleness, improve luminosity and enhance skin regeneration.  
I started my Racinne skincare routine with the Ultimate Hydra Series Gently Cleansing Foam (£22/120ml). According to the tube it is a foaming cleanser enhanced with Grape Stem Cell Extracts and Flower Waters to remove impurities without upsetting the natural PH balance of the skin. I massaged this onto my face and removed it with a muslin cloth and repeated for a double cleanse. It was incredibly quick to remove make up, leaving my skin feeling soft and fresh.
I followed this step with the Ultimate Aqua Blanc Tonic (£24/140ml) – a refreshing toner made with Snow Lotus Extract to brighten, Aloe Vera to soothe and Cucumber to cool and cleanse. I've never felt something so refreshing!! It's also fantastic to use throughout the day in the hot weather we've been having recently to cool and refresh your skin to minimise make-up slip. I've also found it really useful if I stay over at a friends place and feel less than fresh after using make-up wipes rather than a full cleansing routine. 
blanc tonic
The Aqua Blanc Boost serum (£38/50ml) was an enjoyable addition to my routine that would apparently target hyper-pigmentation and enhance skin luminosity, refining and renewing the complexion.
blanc boost

I massaged two pumps into my face and neck before adding the Ultimate Aqua Blanc Brightening Cream (£38/50g). This silky moisturiser corrects, perfects and nourishes creating a radiant and renewed complexion. After using the products together for a month I've really noticed the difference in my skin texture!
brightening creamIn the morning, I preferred to use the Ultimate Advanced Luminous Gel (£32/25g) which provided a fantastic base for make-up with ingredients such as Grape Stem Cell Extracts that provide antioxidant properties and Pearl Extract for instant luminosity.
luminous gelA couple of times a week I enjoyed relaxing with the Aqua Blanc Brightening Masque (£29/75ml) which incorporated Deep Sea Pearl Essence to give a radiant and healthy glow to the face whilst tightening pores. The difference I noticed even after one use of this was incredible!
brightening masque
Combined together as an overall skincare routine, I was thoroughly impressed with these products, especially the Aqua Blanc Tonic and Brightening Masque. All the packaging felt incredibly luxurious, with glass pots and slightly pearlescent tubing. 
Products are available online via the Racinne website, at Fenwick’s, Bond Street and nowBlow Ltd.
Have you tried anything from Racinne? What did you think?

Glasgow 2014: My Volunteering Experience

If anyone actually reads this, you'll know I've been pretty AWOL recently. That's because the last two weeks have been spent volunteering at Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and I've had little time for anything more than eating and sleeping around my shifts.

The Hydro - the largest of the Commonwealth venues
I thought I'd take the chance to share my volunteering experience for anyone considering it for Gold Coast 2018 or the Olympics (or the World Championships of Gymnastics in Glasgow 2015!) as it turned out to be totally different to what I expected.

The 'volunteering journey' started two years ago when I, along with some coursemates, applied for media related roles in the Games. I don't think I was really expecting to get as far as the interviewing stage to be honest, but a few months later in April 2013 I found myself in the Merchant City office along with a group of other people from around the UK (and some from outside!) waiting for our interview. I was asked about my course, my team leader experience and a little about me - nothing too scary, nothing too complicated. It was a good interview, but I knew there was tough competition. Over 50,000 applications for 15,000 roles - the most popular Games for volunteering applications! We were told we wouldn't likely hear about whether we'd been successful until the end of the year, so I put it to the back of my mind until November of last year, when I received the email that I'd been successful and had picked to be on the Press Operations team. I was ecstatic! Fast forward a couple more months and I was sat in the Emirates Arena seeing our uniform for the first time and finding out that I would specifically be a Photo Team Member at the gymnastics (yes!) in the Hydro (double yes!). Over the moon!

First shift selfie! 

After another couple of training sessions, picking up my uniform, attending the rehearsal of the opening ceremony and soaking up the atmosphere of Glasgow Green for the real opening ceremony, I was one day away from my first shift. Luckily I'd met two of my team already, and arranged to meet with one girl before we went in so we could tackle security and check in together.

I was feeling apprehensive. Sometimes I end up feeling anxious about things and don't want to do them, and often cancel plans - but there was no cancelling on this! I needn't have worried - I have literally had the best week of my life...

The Hydro's #1 Photo Team!

We weren't allowed to take photos during the competition so we made the most of before and after shots!

Taking a 'common-wealthie' - difficult with 7 people!

Meeting Scottish silver medalist Dan Keatings 

'Meeting' Louis Smith (the 'after' shot is hilarious, check out my Instagram!)

Meeting the Australian male gymnast team..."who's going to sit down the front?" - "ME!!! *drops to knees*"

My TV debut! Captured by Ailish at home

GOLD! This was taken at the very end of our final shift before they changed over for the Boxing finals. 

Making the most of the free train travel by walking around in my uniform for the rest of the weekend

It really was an incredible 11 days. I met some of the most amazing people, watched some fantastic competition up close and had hours of fun everyday. I had the opportunity to meet talented gymnasts and experience the incredible atmosphere when Scotland won Gold and everyone got to their feet to sing Flower of Scotland. An unbeatable moment. Nothing will ever beat that surge of pride, joy and accomplishment from the audience, athletes and team members when the results flashed up on screen. It gave me shivers every time!

I was part of a team of 15,000 fantastic, dedicated people who gave their all for our city and country to prove we can do something amazing, despite being a relatively small place. I am so proud to be able to say I was a part of that and that I've seen the things I have. I would whole-heartedly recommend to anyone that you should apply for a volunteering role like this at some stage in your life. I am so incredibly sad it's all over and that I'll probably never have the chance to be involved in it again, but the memories I've taken away will stay with me for years and years to come (as well as the friendships, hopefully!).

If I could do it all over again tomorrow, I would without hesitation. 

HAUL: Topshop, New Look and H&M

Personally I'm not a huge fan of blog post hauls as it's really hard to see the items properly and get a better feel for the quality/material/colour, but due to my phone dying, which is the only camera I have access to this is really the only post I can do at the minute. I hope you'll forgive me!!

I went shopping with my bestie Ailish recently (if you know us yet, you'll know shopping together never ends well...) and sure enough, I came back armed with bags and bags of new purchases, so I thought I'd share them with you, as there's a couple of bargains in there!

First off, we nipped into New Look (with a Starbucks upstairs) to fuel ourselves for the day ahead. Ailish works in New Look over the Summer, and needed a few uniform items so we had a look around afterwards. New Look used to be my go-to shop of choice for clothes, but recently I've really not been liking it. I find the fit of a lot of things, especially tops can be pretty poor and a lot of the products aren't as good quality as they used to be.
Both of us picked up the monochrome kimono with lace detailing at the bottom (we have a bad habit of buying the same clothes!). This is the first kimono I've owned and I really like it for shoving on instead of a cardigan, which I think can look a bit too slobbish sometimes. I'm not a massive fan of the lace at the bottom, so I might remove it when I get a chance. At £24.99 it was a bargain, and makes me feel very Essie Button-esque with a plain cami and Topshop Leigh jeans!
I also picked up these vintage pink sunglasses because I've been feeling like my aviators are just a little too big for my face. These were bright and summery and I love them, especially at £3.99!

Next stop was Boots...uh oh! Surprisingly we both did really well, and I actually only left with this Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hairspray. I've been needing to pick up a new hairspray for a while, but it's just one of those things that feels like an unnecessary purchase, especially as I don't really use it that often. I spotted this on offer for £3.33 and thought it had been massively reduced, because I've always thought Fudge Urban products are expensive, but apparently not! At £4.99 full price, this is a steal for the size you get and smells DELICIOUS.

H&M is another shop that has been annoying me in the last few months, and I find although their prices are great, the quality just isn't matching up to what it was a few years ago. Not to mention their mail order service can be a nightmare sometimes! But we went in, and I managed to find a pair of these layered running shorts. I had seen Essie Button talking about a Nike pair in one of her monthly favourites, and I planned to pop into the dreaded TKMaxx to see if I could find a pair discounted, but at £14.99, these were perfect. I had to get them in a size 10 rather than an 8 as they were out of stock, but with the drawstring and the tight inner layer, they actually fit fine, and you don't want anything really tight for working out in anyway. My second purchase was this polka dot navy jersey/skater dress. I've had one very similar from Primark, but the material was too clingy and the seams were all over the place, so for £12.99 I thought I'd pick up a nicer fitting one for the hotter days we've been experiencing!

Finally was Topshop, and my proudest purchase of the day! I stumbled across the swimwear section and decided to see how they did their sizing, as being flat chested, I find it incredibly hard to find bras and bikinis that fit, make me look like I have boobage and aren't just going to flash everything. I was a bit disappointed to find they sized things in dress sizes, but the cups of the bikinis did look quite small so I thought I'd try them on. It's a halter neck tie which I always thought were rubbish for me, but after finding a bikini in Boux Avenue and being fitted for it, found it actually works really well. The trick is to tie the lower strap first, and fit yourself into the cups by leaning over and letting everything fall into place. Push up on the cups (to make it look like you're wearing a really amazing push up bra) and then have someone take the halter straps, lift them up from where you're holding yourself in place and tie as tight as is comfy to keep the cups where you were holding them.
This bikini set was £30, which I was a bit unsure about but thought if I changed my mind, I could always return it. I went up to pay for it, and gave over my student card for 10% off, expecting it to be reduced to £27, but for some reason the girl just said: "That'll be £9 please". WHAT? Thinking quickly, I put my card and pin in in double time before she could argue, aware that she was looking from label-receipt and back again. Hastily exited the shop and celebrated my triumph with Ailish. Having worked in Topshop, she thinks it's because the Scottish Summer sales start earlier than those in England (where the headquarters is) so everything gets reduced earlier. Makes sense, but it is still full price on the website...

Hope you enjoyed reading this wee haul, and hopefully I'll have my phone back soon to blog properly!


The Dating Games: I want a man who...

Recently I found myself back on the dating scene, which has come with mixed feelings of excitement, anxiety, and pure terror, in all honesty.

I thought I had 'love' worked out, until that all unexpectedly went tits up last year. I had never dated before, I had never had a first date, I had never done online dating, I had never met with someone who I had only ever chatted to through a screen before. And yet, that's exactly what I found myself doing about 6 weeks after a break up.


Dating is exciting, but it's also bloody tiring. I've had so many chats with close friends about my dating woes and disasters (nearly being felt up in the middle of Wetherspoons on my first ever date is definitely up there with the worst) and kept hearing the same thing: "But you don't need a boyfriend". Or, "Learn to love yourself before you let someone else love you". Or "You don't need a man to define you, stop looking so hard."

They were quite right. I definitely don't need a man. I am quite capable of building a bed myself, or hanging a picture on the wall straight, or dealing with a flooded bathroom (don't ask).

But I want one.

Is that too much to ask?

I was on the train home yesterday and had picked up a copy of Glamour and was flicking through it. I came to this two page spread about intimacy not necessarily being about sex and what emotional intimacy meant to couples. If I hadn't been on public transport (and sitting next to a V hot guy who I would have definitely suggested should apply for the position of boyfriend), I would have cried.

Genevieve Field shared a story, and other couples' stories of emotional intimacy: like when she saw a girl breakdown at a Mumford and Sons concert, and her boyfriend had to take off his t-shirt to mop up her tears (Girl, that's a lot of crying...).
Or the couple who trained for a marathon after only being together for a month (the main point here was that he saw her at her absolute sweaty, dry-heaving worst after only being together for a few weeks),
Or (brace yourself), the couple who came home to find the new puppy had pulled all the used tampons out of the bathroom bin and spread them around the house - instead of freaking out (like any normal guy would?!) he cleaned them up, and never mentioned the moment again.

That's exactly what I want. I don't want a guy who will take me out and spend loads of money on me to 'prove' something. I don't want a boyfriend just to say I have a boyfriend, or to have a +1 to Grad Ball next year (applications opening soon, guys).

I want a boyfriend because I want someone to care for me like my Mum does when I'm ill, and mop up my sick, and wash my hair when I'm to ill to do it, and scratch my back - and not judge me or get grossed out. I want someone to be just as silly and weird as I am, and who is willing to play ridiculous games and sing ridiculous songs with me and laugh with me, rather than at my music taste. I want someone who will want to do things with me, achieve things with me and be proud of me when I achieve things myself. Who thinks I'm the bloody best thing since sliced bread and would do anything for me, but without having to think about it or try.

Is that too much to ask?


My point was, it was a cute article.

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